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Water from Wine

Our Story

In 2012, Pat Tucker, the founder of Water from Wine, came up with the concept of using the vineyard on the family farm to benefit various nonprofits. Upon learning that many areas of the world still suffer from lack of access to clean water, Pat thought donating funds to organizations providing clean water would be a positive focus for the nonprofit.

The name Water from Wine came from thinking about Jesus’ first miracle (John 2:1-11), when he turned water into wine. Pat’s idea was to metaphorically reverse that first miracle and call the organization Water from Wine. 

Pat's story

The origin of Water from Wine is somewhat surprising. As Pat tells it: “In the spring of 1996, a former employee and two of his cohorts abducted me. During my 18 hours of captivity I was bound hand and foot, tortured and subjected to mock execution. After initially resigning myself to death, I experienced a spiritual conversion in the middle of the night in which I heard the prayers of those who were worried about my return. I pledged my heart to Jesus and prayed for my safety. The next day I was released during a ransom exchange. Upon my return several friends and family noted that God must have some big plans for me. All these years later, it dawned on me: This is it … Water from Wine.”


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