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Water from Wine

$399,645 given away so far!

Our Grantees

Water1st International: $296,955

Water Access Now: $47,500

M25: 11,460

Etta Projects: $10,140

Gravity Water: $6,440

Generosity.org: $5,730

Spring of Hope International: $4,240

Drop in the Bucket: $3,570

Water for Life and Livelihood: $3,070

Wine to Water: $2,360

Pure Water for Life: $2,080

Water Charity: $1,350

Thirst Project: $1,200

Water for Life Institute: $1,000

Love Manifest: $720

World Thirst: $390

Agua para la Vida: $360

Water Wells for Africa: $360

Give Clean Water: $360

Life Water International: $360

A Water1st International project in Bangladesh

A Water Access Now project in Ghana



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