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Water from Wine

Row Sponsorship Program

In 2019 Water from Wine started a Row Sponsorship program to help cover costs. 

$3,000 a year will cover all the vineyard and winemaking costs for one row of grapes. The $3,000 will be leveraged into $14,400 for clean water projects once the wine has been sold.

Our 6-acre vineyard has 30 rows available for sponsorship each year, with a current total of 18 sponsors in 2019.

For more information on our sponsorship program, please contact us or click here

Our Current Row Sponsors


Row 1: Sandpiper Farms

Row 2: Dee Tucker

Row 3: Martinez & Martinez

Row 4: Paul & Judy Champoux

Row 5: Pat & Teri Tucker

Row 6: Steve & Cyndi Landon

Row 7: Tucker Family Trust

Row 8: Grace & Charlotte Wyckoff

Row 9: Wyckoff Farms

Row 10: Coventry Vale Winery

Row 11: Final Touch Upholstery

Row 12: Anonymous

Row 13: Callies Group

Row 14: Allison & Steve Odenthal

Row 15: Stratton Family

Row 16: J.L. Stubblefield Trust

Row 17: Wilbur-Ellis

Row 18: Ed and Ann Ray

Row 19: JKB Family

Row 20: Bob & Nicky Johnson

Row 21: Callies Welding & Fabrication, LLC

Row 22: C & H Farms

Row 23: Available for sponsorship

Row 24: Available for sponsorship

Row 25: Available for sponsorship 

Row 26: Available for sponsorship

Row 27: Available for sponsorship

Row 28: Available for sponsorship 

Row 29: Available for sponsorship

Row 30: Available for sponsorship 




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